Significant Events in the History of Catholic Education in Ontario

1841    First School Act for the Province of Upper Canada

            Tache Act

1863    Scott Act

1867    British North America Act

1925    Tiny Township Case

1930    Ontario Separate School Trustees' Association is Founded

1930's    Catholic Taxpayers' Association

1950/60    Hope Commission

1961    OSSTA Publishes 1st Catholic Trustee Magazine

1963    "Equal Opportunity for Continuous Education in Separate Schools of Ontario" - Brief to Premier and Minister of Education

1969    County and District School Boards Created (known as Larger Units of Administration)

1969    OECTA/OSSTA Religious Education Courses Launched

1972    Focus on Faith for the Future program Established by OSSTA

1976    Blair Commission Tours Province to assess reaction to taxing Catholic High School Property

1978    Government Approves Religious Education Credits for Grades 0 & 10

1980    Bill 82 Grants Catholic schools the right to provide "Special Education"

1984    Grade 9 & 10 Students in Catholic Schools are Recognized as "Secondary" School Students

1984    Premier Bill Davis Announces Intention to Extend Funding to Grades 11, 12, & 13 (OAC) in Catholic Schools

1985    Passage of Bill 30 (including s.136 1.a.) - Extends Full Funding to Grades 11, 12, & 13 (OAC) in Catholic Schools

1985    Completion Office of the Separate Schools Founded

1986    Institute for Catholic Education (ICE) Founded by the Ontario Council of Catholic Bishops

1986    Bill 30 Declared Constitutional by the Ontario Court of Appeal

1987    Bill 30 Declared Constitutional by the Supreme Court of Canada

1991    ICE Publishes "Blishen Report"

1992    Ontario Fair Tax Commission

1993    Royal Commission on Learning Appointed

1995    Royal Commission on Learning Issues Report:  For the Love of Learning

1995    School Councils Established

1995/96    Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs re: Amendment to Term 17 of the Terms of Union Between Canada and Newfoundland

1997    Justice Sharpe rules that Section 136 of the Education Act is Unconstitutional and of no force or effect

1997    OSSTA adopts new Name - Ontario Catholic School Trustees' Association

1997    Bill 104 - Fewer School Boards Act (1997)

1997    Education Improvement Commission

1997    Bill 160 - Education Quality Improvement Act, 1997

1997    Ontario Regulation 461/97 Establishes Policy Guidelines for Representation of the Interests of Pupils on School Boards

1997    Religious Education as Teaching Subject Introduced in Faculties of Education

1998    Bill 160 - Constitutional Challenges

1998    Government Financial Support for Creation of Catholic Curriculum for Catholic Schools

1999    OCSTA Adopts New Logo

2000    Charter of Education Rights and Responsibilities

2000    Bill 74 - Education Accountability Act, 2000

2001    Bill 160 Declared Constitutional by the Supreme Court of Canada

2001    Bill 80 - Stability & Excellence in Education Act

2001    Task Force on Effective Schools Established

            OCSTA responds with document entitled: A Catholic Response to the Task Force on Effective Schools